Baxi 105e combi hot water playing up, 70 max

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Baxi 105e combi hot water playing up, 70 max

Postby Jedd » Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:04 pm


I have a hot water issue, its only getting to 70 degrees and holding om that.

What I've tried so far.
1) new diverter and differential diaphrams and internals always worked in the past
2) swithed the wiring to the sensors central heating and hot water. Thus fool it into thinking the water was cold, still ran at 70
3) checked and there is no central heating flow when hot water is on
4) starts on full modulation and after say 10 seconds reduces down and maintains 70
5) with the face off, starts runs flatout for 10 seconds and switches off, then restart after 2/3 seconds and runs at 70
6) fan is running and apears fast
7) no warning/error lights
8) its always had fernox in it and over the year been flushed a few times.

Question, if this was the fan or pressure switch am i correct it saying it would just stop and error.

If it was the gas exaust sensor, could that drive modulation ?

Its been too hot to test the central heating lol...

Many thanks
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Baxi 105e combi hot water playing up, 70 max



Re: Baxi 105e combi hot water playing up, 70 max

Postby kfordgas » Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:14 pm

Hello and a warm welcome to the forum
Check the HW knob has not snapped off at the PCB. Does the temperature respond to the control knob going up and down?? Also take into account water at the tap will be 10-15 degrees lower than the lights on the boiler. If water is still unsatisfactory, may be a partially restricted plate heat exchanger.
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